Recently in the 6-week Intuitive Wellness Workshop that I co-facilitated with holistic fitness guru Polina Smith, I introduced our workshop participants to the power of positive affirmations, especially as it relates to our health.  

Embodying total wellness requires that we honor all parts of ourselves - the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements that make us who we are.  Therefore, we must closely examine our internal dialogue, thoughts, word choices, etc. as they play a POWERFUL role in creating our lives.  

At the forefront of the mind-body movement is world renowned metaphysical teacher and healer, Louise Hay.  She is known as the queen of positive affirmations, has worked with thousands of people around the globe and has authored hundreds of books, cds, etc. providing guidance on how changing your thoughts can change your life.  You can learn more about Louise Hay, her offerings and products at her website: www.louisehay.com.

I am inspired to share to share some teachings from one of my favorite Louise Hay book/cd sets titled "I Can Do It: How To Use Affirmations To Change Your Life".  To purchase the book visit Amazon.com or LouiseHay.com.  In this book/audio series, Louise teaches us that how we think, feel and speak towards and about our bodies plays a critical role in determining our state of health.  In it, she writes: 

"If you want to create better health in your body there are definitely some things you must not do.  You must not get angry at your body for any reason.  Anger is another affirmation, and it's telling your body that you hate it, or parts of it.  Your cells are very aware of every thought you have.  Think of your body as a servant that's working as hard as it can to keep you in perfect health no matter how you treat it.  You'll never create good health by talking or thinking about your illness.  Good health comes from love and appreciation.  You want to put as much love into your body as you possibly can.  Talk to it and stroke it in loving ways.  If there's a part of your body that's ailing or dis-eased, then you want to treat it as you would a sick little child.  Tell it how much you love it, and that you're doing everything you can to help it get well quickly."

Here are some positive affirmations from Louise that you can begin to recite to yourself daily to shift the power of your thoughts.  I invite you to say them aloud to yourself.  Doing so in front of the mirror can be especially transformative.  

"I enjoy the foods that are best for my body.  I love every cell of my body."

"I look forward to a healthy old age because I take loving care of my body now."

"I am constantly discovering new ways to improve my health."

"I return my body to optimal health by giving it what it needs on every level."

"Healing happens! I get my mind out of the way and allow the intelligence of my body to do its healing work naturally."

"My body is always doing its best to create perfect health."

"I am grateful to be alive today.  It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day."

"Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now."

"I am willing to ask for help when I need it.  I always choose the health professional who is just right for my needs."

Below is the audio version of these affirmations.  If you are in a healing process, this track may help you realize how your negative thoughts and words are impacting your dis-ease state.  You may begin to see how important your emotional/mental mindset is towards healing.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  If you like what you hear, then please honor Louise Hay by purchasing the book/cd.  It is packed with wonderful tips about all areas of life, health being just one of them.

We create our lives by the thoughts, words and actions that we choose.  Remember your innate power to heal and your body's infinite wisdom.

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