Often as a coach, I hear people struggle with how much further they have to go until they get "there".  During a process of growth and transformation it is natural to have your eye on the prize and it is critical in keeping you on the right path.  Yet considering life in the context of an end result can be overwhelming and defeating.  Instead of focusing on the final outcome, what if we gave ourselves permission to celebrate our successes along the way?

Yesterday I reached my own personal pinnacle on this journey of living my truth.  I had some powerful A-Ha's that brought great clarity and provided a sense of contentment as well as pride for all of the work I've done to get me to where I am today.  To celebrate, I hiked to the top of Mount Tamalpais roughly 30 minutes north of San Francisco and basked in the magnificence of what it meant to "reach the top".  This picture doesn't do the view justice.  It was a 360 degree view of the entire San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the trees, the coastal fog and city's structures.  It was simply breath taking to stand in nature, experience the wind in my face and feel the vastness of possibility before me.  I literally felt on top of the world.  I allowed myself to celebrate this moment in time.

Why is it that we forget to celebrate the little pinnacles we reach along our journey?  We can become so focused on the ultimate result that we overlook the triumphs we are experiencing on a daily basis.  The truth is that there is always further to go.  Once we reach one peak, we are exposed to the next.  Just as a baby wants to run once it has mastered walking, we too can always see the next opportunity before us.  Imagine if you were hiking up a mountain this way though.  If your gaze was always up, you would likely trip (or give yourself a neck cramp!).  While it is critical to have a clear vision of where you are headed, it is also important to fully appreciate where you are right now.  

I invite you to celebrate yourself, your achievements, both big and small up until now.  Celebrate all of the wonderful things in your life at this very moment.  Honor the internal work you have done to become more authentic, to speak what is true for you, to risk for the sake of being happier.  Pat yourself on the back for the times when you fell but got up again anyways; for the things you have outgrown, the new habits you've created and for the people you have forgiven, including yourself.  Celebrate how you have changed and who you are now becoming.  You don't have to wait until you are at the top of Mount Everest.  We climb little mountains of magnificence every day of our lives.  

Allow yourself to recognize that at this moment you are at the top of a mountain.  It may not be the tallest mountain peak on earth, but it's certainly higher than where you were in the past.  Bask in the glory of the view from up here.  What have you overcome?  What has made you stronger... or softer, more open or aware?  Look out and see what's possible from here.  Soak it all in.  If you live in a place where you can go for a hike, I invite you to climb a small mountain to symbolize reaching your successes.  Once you get to the top, take a moment to feel it all and congratulate yourself!  

I'd love to hear what mountains you've climbed recently and how you are celebrating your efforts!  Feel free to share your comments below. 

Shine On,



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